Halfway Between San Juan & MendozaHalfway Between San Juan & Mendoza

Hello. We're [a]Ligament[/a]. Aaaaaaaaa-aargghhghghghghgh! Aaaaagh! Scream! Aaaaaaarrrgght! Cough! Aaaaagh! Thud! Aaagh!...

Hello. We’re [a]Ligament[/a]. Aaaaaaaaa-aargghhghghghghgh! Aaaaagh! Scream! Aaaaaaarrrgght! Cough! Aaaaagh! Thud! Aaagh!

Just to refresh your memories, then: [a]Ligament[/a] are three Camden noise psychos with a drummer called Hamilton Industries. Every song they write is like the Battle Of Stalingrad soundtracked by [a]Mudhoney[/a] and a pneumatic drill. They haven’t made a record for three years, and they’ve only been coaxed out of retirement by the pleading of Quickspace’s Tom Cullinan. But you know what? They’ve still got it.

Yes! [a]Ligament[/a]>are still rock’s equivalent of the distorted noise filth of Digital Hardcore acts like Bomb 20. Tim Cedar still sings like he’s just had both his arms blown off in a surprise landmine accident. And their barrage of woozy, tar-thick sludge rock still sounds like a thousand fuzz pedals ricocheting around a rabbit hutch.

Pretty good, then. But there’s more. ‘The Ambassadors Reception Pt 1‘ is the Ferrero Rocher advert set to music. Such a good joke that [a]Ligament[/a] do it again minutes later on ‘The Ambassadors Reception Pt 2’!!!! The album’s highlight, however, is ‘Live And Let Lig’ – seven minutes of high-velocity, self-reverential, G-force, grunge terror. With screaming. You won’t be disappointed. It’ll make your head fall off.

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