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[B]Steve Harwell[/B] has a voice that makes you think you're playing the record on the wrong speed....

Steve Harwell has a voice that makes you think you’re playing the record on the wrong speed. And then you realise you’re listening to a CD. As if it’s any sort of recommendation, we’re told this slightly flat, nasal drawl sells truckloads in the States. But to any discerning listener, Harwell‘s irritating inflections are just one of the horrible aspects of this second album by San Jose‘s Smash Mouth.

– whatever that means) and the fact that here is a band that actually enjoy being everything you hate in music [I]all at the same time[/I]. While looking like particularly frightening security guards.

New single ‘All Star’ is a giddy, swaggering example. It’s part surf-slacker vibe, part Arrested Development without the social conscience, part obnoxious Green Day catchiness. All this and yet it’s still one of the few songs here to even incite a reaction. The rest resemble gruff ska versions of No Doubt tracks and are simply too bland too hate.

The skater kids’ version of Celine Dion, in other words.

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