Hello June Fool

Strange to report, but true: a 'summer record' from [a]Madder Rose[/a]....

Strange to report, but true: a ‘summer record’ from [a]Madder Rose[/a]. They who have toiled in the seamy pedal-guitar slide of New York’s after-dark, whose [a]Velvet Underground[/a]-imbued melancholy has soundtracked many a tearful hour. In their first proper release for Cooking Vinyl (after years of wrestling with Atlantic), [a]Madder Rose[/a] have liberated the breezy beauty that has long bubbled under their smokiest torch songs.

in ‘Feels Like Summer’, the murky humidity is palpable.

But there’s a shimmery gauze of delight in these songs, a sweeping lilt that recalls the sugar-coated plaintiveness of Sandie Shaw and Dusty Springfield. Certainly, the familiar [a]Madder Rose[/a] themes are here: the empty shrug of displaced affection, the hotel rooms, the homicide. Yet even the terrifically dark ‘Hotel’ clips along at a pace which transforms it into a radiant, unabashed pop song.

The sun’s out, for the first time in ages. Maybe it’ll stick around.

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