Roxy Music/ For Your Pleasure/ Stranded/Country Life/Siren

Champagne, Novocaine and music that'll melt your brain....

Champagne, Novocaine and music that’ll melt your brain. If the ’70s were the party that never ended, then [a]Roxy Music[/a] were its house band. In their earliest incarnations, arch-Lothario [a]Bryan Ferry[/a] sang about a stream of socialite orgies, while his band, initially – co-marshalled by androgynous pop boffin [a]Brian Eno[/a], skilfully spliced postmodern pop with the avant-garde. Contemporaries like David Bowie and Marc Bolan, for all their posturing, were still conventional pop songwriters; Roxy Music, as the remastered versions of their first – five albums show, – were genuinely, bewitchingly weird.

Within a year, [a]Roxy Music[/a] would split, and ‘Siren’‘s cover star, Jerry Hall, would dump Ferry for Mick Jagger. Listening to the first three [a]Roxy Music[/a] albums in her cosy condo, maybe she’ll be kicking herself.

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