Tell ‘Em Why U Mad

He's served his time in [a]Puff Daddy[/a]'s [B]'Hit Men'[/B] team of producers, making worldwide smash hits like [B]'Mo Money Mo Problems'[/B] and [B]'I'll Be Missing You'[/B], but that just isn't eno

He’s served his time in [a]Puff Daddy[/a]’s ‘Hit Men’ team of producers, making worldwide smash hits like ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ and ‘I’ll Be Missing You’, but that just isn’t enough for The Madd Rapper, aka Deric ‘D-Dot’ Angelettie. That’s why he’s mad you see. He wants MORE.

. See the object of his desires yet?

But there’s really no doubt that TMR will triumph in his quest for world domination, because his debut is as slick, hard, fast and COMMERCIAL as you like. It’s a record that will get results – a team of A-list hip-hop celebrity guest stars will see to that.

There’s Eminem, in his most manic performance to date, screaming over the taught, string-laden G-funk of ‘Stir Crazy’, and then we get Raekwon, Busta Rhymes and Jermaine Dupri all popping into the studio to drop science over for a glass or two of Cristal champagne.

Puffy himself guests on ‘How We Do’, a cool synth, bass-driven anthem to fast-living, big hits and big bucks that perfectly illustrates TMR‘s ‘Get money/Get fame/Get bitches’ philosophy.

It’s ugly capitalism at its exciting best. And for that, platinum disc status surely awaits.

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