London Highbury Garage

Crazy sells, apparently. Just ask [B][B]Bjvrk[/B][/B] or [a]Richard Ashcroft[/a]....

Crazy sells, apparently. Just ask Bjvrk or [a]Richard Ashcroft[/a]. Or the newest of loony stars, Choque – frontman, entertainer and the face of Leeds’ Mercury Music Prize nominees, Black Star Liner.

The first time we see him tonight he’s hurtling across the stage looking like a cross between Worzel Gummidge and The Crow. He pauses, grins at us and begins a wild Indian dance, hands all over the place and eyes bulging. One minute chanting into his mic like an apocalyptic prophet, the next, ranting about Jarvis, Tony Blair and Arsenal with handheld strobes, huge fake roses and a gold cloak as props.

Anything, in fact, to disguise the fact that Black Star Liner have no tunes. Choque‘s such an enjoyable performer, you almost don’t notice his music’s rubbish. Tonight each track rattles on desperately needing something, [I]anything [/I]for people who are actually listening to latch on to.

There’s endless loops of skewed beats underpinning spooky tabla and aimless, wandering vocals. ‘Gurdeep’s Yellow Funk’, for instance, sounds like R2-D2 singing Cornershop, yet no matter what Choque waves around, it’s not enough.

Let him entertain you by all means. Just don’t bother listening.

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