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[B]Mika Bomb[/B]. They're quite good. A bit like [B]The Donnas[/B], but Japanese...

The signs were not promising. Hearing that the latest signing to the [a]Beastie Boys[/a]’ vehemently hopeless Grand Royal record label were a five-piece, predominantly female [I](Girls!?! Always a bad sign – Sarky Ed)[/I], Japanese punk rock group, you’d be forgiven for thinking that here was another dismal addition to the musical barnyard oddities show that has been the label’s roster. Previous exhibits – [a]John Lennon[/a]’s other son; the one out of The Breeders‘ that no-one’s heard of; Bis.

However, runs of bad luck can’t go on forever. Hence Mika Bomb. They’re quite good. A bit like The Donnas, but Japanese. Uninspiring on paper, but in practice, tonight shows that for once the Beasties‘ arch-cynicism hasn’t got in the way of their love of pop music. Mika Bomb are an object lesson in effort, energy and enthusiasm; living proof that if you’re prepared to give yourself wholeheartedly to the thing you love, you’ll be forgiven any technical shortcomings. Sure, Mika is not the greatest singer, but as they diligently thresh their scrapings from The Ramones‘ song book – ‘Super Honda’, ‘Heart Attack’ and current single ‘Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls’ – it would be churlish to resist their magnetism.

Not rubbish, then, and in the world of Grand Royal records, that’s something of a triumph.

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