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In a peculiar parallel universe, it's always sunny, everyone wears purple and yellow and [a]Clint Boon[/a] is king....

In a peculiar parallel universe, it’s always sunny, everyone wears purple and yellow and [a]Clint Boon[/a] is king. Unfortunately, he’s actually a bloke who was in baggy leaders [a]Inspiral Carpets[/a] a few years back and is now revisiting his indie fantasies for a whole new generation.

Not too much has changed, to be honest. As the song titles prove (‘Tiger Woods: Astronaut‘, ‘The Cool People Know Who The Cool People Are‘), the nonsensical lyrics are still there. As are the psychedelic splashes of hysterical organs that somehow make Clint‘s raucous shouty vocals sound even more jovial. This is the place where comedy and pop merge messily and occasionally stop being funny. It’s the point where you’re not sure whether to rejoice in the man’s genius or throttle him with your bare hands for not taking matters more seriously.

But just stop thinking about it for a second. Forget the fact that you really like Radiohead and prefer to rise above cheap laughs. Forget all the pretensions and just listen to the brilliant ‘You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down‘. You’ll want to despise it, but you’ll be singing along before Clint reaches the last verse. Because it’s a great pop record.

And, like it or not, Clint is already king in his own world.

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