It seems perfectly straightforward at first...

It seems perfectly straightforward at first. [a]Mina[/a] are German. Apparently, they’ve got a bit of a thing for playing disused warehouses and old Berlin government buildings. The sleeve of their debut LP is so indistinct it screeches, “Please don’t buy me!”

So the evidence seems pretty conclusive. In fact, it leaves only one burning question: do [a]Mina[/a] make complex, obscure Krautrock full of boring electronic beeps or complex, obscure post-rock full of boring tangled guitars?

Mmm. Well, never judge a book by its cover etc etc. This album actually sounds like [a]Mina[/a] are – yikes!! – [I]having fun[/I]. You could even call ‘Kryptonite’ the first post-rock disco instrumental album in history.

All the crackles and noises are there in quantities just noticeable enough to please the less purist of post-rockers. But they’re the least important element for [a]Mina[/a]. Swirling frantic keyboards, laid-back funk beats and heavy basslines turn ‘Kryptonite’ into something better suited to a smoky, underground jazz club. In fact, if trance gives you a migraine, this could well be your perfect about-to-go-out album.

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