Closer Colder

[B]David Kosten[/B] is fearless. Unshakable. Slightly mad, perhaps...

David Kosten is fearless. Unshakable. Slightly mad, perhaps. Someone’s been leaving death threats on his answering machine. The police have made an investigation; the culprit failed an audition to be one of Kosten‘s backing singers a few months back. David shrugs, adds some harsh feedback and releases it as ‘Control’. No royalties to the murderous vocalist, mind, who’s still roaming free. Yeah, David Kosten of Faultline lives on the edge.

Or off the edge, even. ‘Closer Colder’ is what some loosely refer to as dance music, but in reality, barely constitutes what most would consider music at all.

Take the opening track, ‘Awake’: its beats are offbeat, its melodies atonal. Suddenly, a band of cellos arc out of the noise and unfurl into beautiful shapes, but Kosten‘s quick with a digital battery of rough-edged beats. Man, he’s avant-garde.

Such stark instrumentation crops up with pleasing frequency; the haunting jazz trumpet of ‘Mute’, or the near-perfect title track, which samples Dennis Hopper‘s [I]Blue Velvet [/I]wheezing over the creaking of a skeletal orchestra – a psychotic dalliance executed with dramatic clarity, rather than noisy bluster.

‘Closer Colder’ quietly pushes back boundaries. Someone tell David Kosten it doesn’t take blood, sweat and tears by the gallon.

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