Rock Art And The X-Ray Style

Good old boys like a laugh....

Good old boys like a laugh. And when celebrated rock star [a]Joe Strummer[/a] made a king prawn of himself reducing The Clash‘s greatest hits to goujons de cod reggae and throwing inexplicable wobblers on this year’s festival circuit, we bore this in mind, said ‘geezer’ and moved away before it all became too undignified.

There’s no escaping this time, though. No reprieve from the gauche stompalongs, the jam-session fillers, the blokey jokes, the dadrockin’ stabs at hepness… the self-pity. The opening track is regurgitated latterday Clash and presumably called ‘Tony Adams’ for no other reason than laddish amusement. ‘Techno D-Day’ tells the story of DJ Strummer and co’s battle with the law at last year’s Megadog and rather unfortunately includes such agitpop naffness as: “The noise inspectors with the sound detectors were comin’ on down the beach/And the councillors wanna pounce on us for disturbing the peace” – it goes on; all “ragga FM” this and “Babylon” that, like what your dad would do to impress you.

, he burbles clumsily, but somehow magically, on lilting, charming closer ‘Willesden To Cricklewood jsrap1’. It’s got to be said, beneath the dad-ishness, he really is still quite the chap. Sometimes.

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