Le Petit Nabab

Inspired by 1960s experimental electronica maestro [B]Jean Jacques Perrey[/B] of '[B]EVA[/B]' fame, Bordeaux's [a]Le Tone[/a] is also mates with [B]Cassius[/B] and [B]Alex Gopher[/B]....

Inspired by 1960s experimental electronica maestro Jean Jacques Perrey of ‘EVA‘ fame, Bordeaux’s [a]Le Tone[/a] is also mates with Cassius and Alex Gopher. But in reality, rather than finding the next Daft Punk or Dimitri From Paris, Creation have in fact bagged themselves a second-rate Cornelius tribute act.

First track, ‘Intro‘, encapsulates all that is bad about [a]Le Tone[/a] – within three seconds of the first loping dance beat, there’s a car horn beeping, a horse neighing, telephones ringing, windows breaking and a chicken clucking. It gets worse with recent single ‘Joli Dragon‘, which sees [a]Le Tone[/a] trying the postmodern ‘so bad it’s good’ kitsch schtick, but ending up with the theme tune from [I]The Magic Roundabout[/I] rewritten for a pre-school disco.

[a]Le Tone[/a]’s tunes work best when the comedy samples and infantile keyboard effects are kept to a minimum, as on the uptempo Air-esque ‘Rocky VIII‘ or the Pizzicato Five-flavoured acid loungecore of ‘Expression Du Domaine De La Lutte‘.

But on the whole, what you get is a glut of cartoon noises and electronic tomfoolery cobbled together in the absence of innovation or a tune. Infuriating instead of catchy or funny, ‘Le Petit Nabab‘ ultimately suffers from sample overload. A classic case of over-egging the crhme brulei.

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