Collision Course

Bring on the bad static. Bring on the interference and the jammed signal...

Bring on the bad static. Bring on the interference and the jammed signal. Bring on the buzz, the whine, the server’s last scream for help as the network fails. That rock’n’roll ain’t noise pollution, we knew already. Here, from London, Berlin, New York and Chicago, is a collection of artists revelling in that which truly [I]is[/I], secure in the knowledge that the best music is surface noise.

People have recorded steam engines and vacuum cleaners, and a compilation like ‘Collision Course‘ is really the next logical step. Inspired but not in thrall to white noise chiefs as diverse as [a]Public Enemy[/a] and [a]Alec Empire[/a], the lords of intense gathered on this are here to testify that modern life is rubbish, but it has at least provided them with tools to bring about its imminent collapse. Blown fuses. Fizzing wires in car parks. This is ‘Collision Course”s beat.

Not for no reason do the people gathered on here have names that sound like pesticides. Biomuse has nasty old grind for you. DJ Scud and Nomex? Headaches, fever, loss of appetite. Sensational‘s ‘That Off The Wall Shit’? Keep it off your good jeans. Basically, for every nutjob shouting [I]”Retro Armageddon!”[/I], there’s a thrilling cut-up of urban styles (hip-hop, drum’n’bass, carjacking) to very loudly proclaim this as music of the future made out of the stuff of right now.

Keep the dial between stations? This is your Capital Gold.

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