‘Best OF’

This is the most perfect rock'n'roll record ever made....

THIS IS [I]THE [/I]MOST [I]PERFECT [/I]rock’n’roll record EVER made. GAAA! They’re called Guitar Wolf – which is the best band name ever. The album’s called ‘Planet Of The Wolves’ – which is the best album title ever. It features the talents of Guitarwolf, Basswolf and Drumwolf who are speed’n’dischord’n’ feedback’n’thumping good pop tune addicted black leather clad Japanese jet-punks who write lyrics like “[I]Danger baby/Danger baby/Kawasaki 750 rock’n’roll[/I]” and sound like nothing so much as a Manga version of a lobotomised Jesus And Mary Chain engaged in a savage no-prisoners bike-chains’n’broken bottle bar-room rumble with Link Wray and Keef Richards and Sid The Vish and Bob Gillespie and Phil Spector and Godzilla and Mothra and Gadzuki (aka Baby Godzilla) whilst The Ramones stumble through a definitive version of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock And Roll’ on a badly-tuned TV set in the background.

And there’s the killer black, red and yellow sleeve artwork! And punk-rock style grainy black and white photos of screaming Japanese people! Pure, total, distilled, rough, ropey, retro and utterly fucked-up attack rock’n’roll, lovingly crafted by madmen who are massive FANS of rock that makes you go, “AAAAAAAAARGH!” whilst missing out all the boring bits.

If you don’t own a copy of ‘Planet Of The Wolves’ by this time next week then, I’m sorry, but you are DEAD POP MEAT! What are you still doing here? [I]Loser![/I] Go buy it. NOW!