London Highbury Garage

New hypno-folk epics [B]'Climbing A Hill'[/B] and [B]'They Shoot Horse Don't They'[/B], now sound more than ever like [B]Cullinan[/B]'s last band, [B]Th' Faith Healers[/B], a group he disbanded

Like watching an endless loop of a short film of someone running on the spot, you know pretty much exactly what’s going to happen during a [a]Quickspace[/a] performance. There’s always that glimmer of hope at the start of each song, new or old, that says, “This time they’ll do it differently.” They never do.

That Tom Cullinan has dragged his ragtag bunch of gypsy post-rockers through nearly half-a-decade of agreeable droning and caterwauling says a great deal about a) his patience, and b) the strength of the one official [a]Quickspace[/a] tune from which myriad other minute variations stem. You know: ‘The Lobbalong Song’, ‘Song For Someone’, ‘Happy Song #1’ – it’s like a musical Pepsi Challenge. Each one’s different, but can you tell?

It’s funny, too, that [a]Quickspace[/a], especially on charming new hypno-folk epics ‘Climbing A Hill’ and ‘They Shoot Horse Don’t They’, now sound more than ever like Cullinan‘s last band, Th’ Faith Healers, a group he disbanded after five-ish years of doing essentially the same thing. He’s only got the one song this time. Good job it’s his best one.

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