And so, in the inevitable trial by 'Best Of', Guy Chadwick stands for his verdict....

AND SO, IN THE INEVITABLE TRIAL BY ‘BEST Of’, Guy Chadwick stands for his verdict. Will he be lauded as the visionary who, with The House Of Love, took Bunnymen bombast, drenched it in delicate dynamics and then made the foolhardy yet brilliant decision to add some tunes? Or will we just laugh again about how much he looks like a frog?

Bit of both actually. For here is the tale of a band struggling throughout the weighty ’80s to perfect whale-sized pop music, achieving unrecognised genius status for 15 seconds in 1990 and then pissing it up the wall in a cascade of guitar pedals and big goth drumming. A bit like James, without the need for an accountant.

And like James, The House Of Love’s greatest hits package is an eye-opener simply for its dedication to the pursuit of The Chorus From The Stars. From the ragged early material (‘Christine’, ‘Destroy The Heart’) through the glory days of ‘The Butterfly Album’ (‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’, ‘Shine On’) up to late-era sonic cathedral blueprints like ‘You Don’t Understand’, Chadwick’s laser-sighted pop aim tempered the excesses.

Hence, the foreman of the jury claims Guy Chadwick shall be hailed as a hero. Hop to it. Arf.