No Division

This ain't kitsch and that's a fact. There's no pop element residing in [B]HWM[/B]'s forte...

This ain’t kitsch and that’s a fact. There’s no pop element residing in HWM‘s forte. Like street kids with perpetually dirty fingernails, there’s no redeeming factors here. Even when the proverbial smile is cracked, you’re still thinking of the fingernails. And so it goes with ‘No Division’. Rivet-tight post-hardcore, vicious weather-beaten yelping and some quite wonderful ideas – the sort of which Mercury musos could never acknowledge in a million years.


It’s plain to see that, beneath the raddled, rough and extremely gruff exterior, [a]Hot Water Music[/a] are nothing more than teddy bears in need of a big cuddle. The pleasure’s all ours.

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