Originally released in 1972 during [B]Hazlewood's[/B] Swedish exile, [B]'13'[/B] polishes the picaresque legend of the wine-stoned cowboy with red-and-white spotted handkerchiefs to spare...

White wine every morning, red wine every night. Opium – “[I]whatever that is”[/I] – any old time at all. It’s no surprise that for those who unearthed their definition of cool at the same thrift store they pick up nylon shirts, [a]Lee Hazlewood[/a] is the apple in the hipsters’ paradise. One bite, and you know it all, from the chicks in iconic boots to the trials that make a man’s voice so goddamn deep.

[/I] (‘Ten Or 11 Towns Ago’), or the love-damaged lost soul on ‘I Move Around’, yet sentiment and storytelling don’t disguise the basic philosophy: one for the ladies, one for the road.

[I]”You look like a lady/Let me sing my song to you”[/I], he growls incorrigibly on the opening track. You know she’s anything but, yet in Lee’s reckless world, it’s signifiers that count.

Looks like a dude. Sounds like a genius. Hell, that’s a tune you can live with.

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