The Evil Powers Of Rock ‘N’ Roll

"It ain't so cool to look at naked ladies any more", muses [a]Sucker[/a] supremo [B]Eddie Spaghetti[/B], with touching regret....

“It ain’t so cool to look at naked ladies any more”, muses [a]Sucker[/a] supremo Eddie Spaghetti, with touching regret. It’s almost ten years on from the days when the [a]Supersuckers[/a]’ hot rod grunge-metal added a redneck party voice to Sub Pop‘s chorus of dour skagheads. And things sure have changed down at the R&R corral.

Next to the savage nihilism of Korn or Slipknot, ‘The Evil Powers of Rock ‘N’ Roll’ – the ‘Suckers‘ sixth LP proper – initially sounds anything but. Much like Rocket From The Crypt, the [a]Supersuckers[/a]’ retro ruckus might seem quaint in the old eyes of today’s vicious teens; a charming relic from those pre-Manson days when evil amounted to poker and lust, and bad behaviour equalled good times, rather than Columbine.

Theirs is, in short, an old-skool evil that you don’t need real blood on your hands to believe in – just a love of Motvrhead. ‘I Want The Drugs’ revels excellently in high times, ‘Fisticuffs’ celebrates a bar-room brawl, while ‘My Kickass Life’ and ‘Goin’ Back To Tucson’ wave two heavily be-ringed fingers at the suburban mediocrity rock has saved the ‘Suckers from. Faith restored – and then some.

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