London WC2 Borderline

[a]Super J Lounge[/a]'s downbeat, bittersweet sound has yet to set pulses racing.

[a]Super J Lounge[/a] are not happy campers. Not only have they been beset with visa difficulties since forming two years ago (singer/guitarist Stuart Smith is from the US), but their downbeat, bittersweet sound has yet to set pulses racing.

Their struggle against adversity continues tonight, as Stuart twice forgets the words while attempting a Nirvana-esque cover of Neil Young‘s ‘Heart Of Gold’. He eventually abandons the venture with a wry smile, and gets an unceremonial kick up the arse from bassist Don Brosnan.

Let’s hope they don’t give up though, because despite a shaky start [a]Super J Lounge[/a] weave an engaging tapestry, taking in everything from the smoky country tendencies of REM to the Krautrock rhythms of, say, Yo La Tengo. Something that’s particularly apparent on their excellent recent single, ‘Wire And Wheels’. Despite their early misfortunes, Stuart holds it together admirably throughout, looking for all the world like a Brat Pack actor playing a nonplussed lounge lizard.

When they play ‘Greetings’ – from current album ‘…Finally’Stuart mournfully sings, [I]”We really must meet again/We’re having such a good old time”[/I]. Admirable sentiments, certainly. All that’s left to say is, your place or ours?

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