Watch It Happen

These songs are precious little songbirds who, as you're walking down the street, will make you smile...

Have you ever been trampolining, bouncing happily away and looking up at the sky and wondered if it might be possible to jump a bit higher? Maybe even to reach escape velocity, slip the earth’s gravitational pull and just keep on flying? It’s physically impossible of course, but – hey – it’s a beautiful afternoon, why not give it a try anyway?

Philadelphia’s [a]Mazarin[/a], aka Quentin Stoltzfus, would make the perfect soundtrack to those moments of graceful whimsy. And thankfully without a hairslide or a duffel bag in sight. He’s a man who knows the beauty of moments, you know: dogs smiling, unexpected phone calls from ex-lovers which somehow pour oil on stormy emotional waters, that kind of thing. Piled on top of a past [I]NME[/I] Single Of The Week ‘Wheats’ are ten more graceful and honest songs. The hopeless even becomes hopeful as the narrator on ‘Deed To Drugs’ decides to stay indoors and dedicate his life to hardcore narcotics. With breathing strings and sunny-day swoons, it sounds like the most natural thing in the world.

[a]Mazarin[/a] fly in ever-decreasing circles around ‘White Album’ Beatles and outer limits of Mercury Rev. These songs are precious little songbirds who, as you’re walking down the street, will make you smile. And that’s worth

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