Heaven Ain’t Happenin’

Heaven might not be happenin', but their own personal purgatory is looking good...

“You’ve gotta be from Jersey like me with a permanent bruise on your hip from your guitar,” asserts Chris Leo. A hell of a manifesto, maybe, but his scars clearly aren’t all physical. Chris and bassist/co-vocalist Toko Yasuda, partners in life and music, have spent the past ten years lurking in the dark dives and darker vans of the underground, and The Lapse, formed after their former band The Van Pelt dissolved, proves it’s a lifestyle that does nothing for a healthy perspective.

) but its political fury is tangible, while ‘I Vow For Now’ makes an excellent case, should you need one, for the impossibility of lasting love.

Which is by way of saying that Chris and Toko aren’t together any more. Heaven might not be happenin’, but their own personal purgatory is looking good.

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