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The movie won't open here for several months, so don't bother yourself over-much about who's in it or what the plot might be....

THE MOVIE WON’T OPEN HERE FOR several months, so don’t bother yourself over-much about who’s in it or what the plot might be. It’s enough to note that [I]Why Do Fools Fall In Love? [/I]gives every indication of being a film set in the era of ’60s vocal groups like The Shirelles, and yet boasts a mad, modern-day soundtrack featuring Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott, Busta Rhymes and, oh yes, Melanie B.

Admittedly, ’90s quivering vibrato girlgroup equivalents like En Vogue, Destiny’s Child and Total get more than a token look-in. But even then, this soundtrack isn’t really about them: it’s about the continued expansion of hip-hop [I]|bergruppenf|hreress[/I] Missy Elliott’s sphere of influence. The Virginian rapper, singer, producer, label CEO and (now) OST exec producer has gone from obscenely talented obscurity to being spread thinner than Marmite in roughly 24 months. And the unpalatable truth is, not everything she touches is pure gold.

Everyone with ears should already have bought the Missy-powered Mel B single, ‘I Want You Back’. It’s a shining example of avant-garde hip-hop techniques being used to fab commercial effect. Other gems include the Missy/Busta Rhymes duet, ‘Get Contact’ and Coko’s ‘He Be Back’, which has a high Missy and Timbaland quotient. For his part, programmer and producer Timbaland lays down stammering raps on Destiny’s Child’s ‘Get On The Bus’ to pleasing effect. But the rest is anodyne. A foolhardy