Can’t Take Me Home

Much like [B]Marshall Mathers[/B], [B]Pink[/B]'s debut is a slightly watered down take on the original flavour...

It’s likely that 19-year-old Philadpelphia resident Pink is going to become very famous indeed. With a million-dollar debut video, a team of R&B’s most sought-after producers, her own ‘voice’ and a street-tough urban ‘atttiood’ that looks sooo cool on MTV, it’s hard not draw comparisons with that other white act currently doing very well off the back of black music…

Much like Marshall Mathers, Pink‘s debut is a slightly watered down take on the original flavour, but one that stands on its own thanks to her superb, effortless soprano. There’s no doubting her star quality, it’s just that this record doesn’t capitalise enough on what’s obviously a massive talent.

Stand out tracks include all tunes penned by Kevin ‘She’kspere’ Briggs – the shit-hot R&B producer that made Destiny’s Child the world’s greatest soul pop act.

Sadly, Pink‘s debut is a little samey and suffers from the diva disease that modern R&B acts like Kelis are helping to stamp out. Like when an otherwise affecting ballad like ‘Let Me Let You Know’ is ruined by a calamitous descent into Mariah Carey warbling. Despite this, it’s still an impressive debut – we await part two.