I’ve Been Expecting You

Well, it makes a change doesn't it?...

WELL, IT MAKES A CHANGE DOESN’T IT? YOUR usual dance type will only ever admit to be being reared on a strict diet of hip-hop and electro, conveniently forgetting those Abba or Ozzy albums still hidden under their beds.

No such luxury for Klute, aka Tom Withers. Rather than hide away in his bedroom, he spent his mid-teens appearing on magazine covers as a member of floppy-fringed cartoon skatepunks The Stupids.

From hardcore to, um, more hardcore then? More in attitude than form, really. This is a sometimes complex, often meticulously crafted and subtle album that relies far more on atmospherics and dynamics than sheer impact.

The drums pack a pretty merciless punch, admittedly, but on the nail-bitingly tense ‘Out Of Silence’, ‘Proper Human’ and ‘We Believe’ they definitely creep up behind you rather than wave their fist in your face.

Pretty edgy stuff, in fact. Even the customary downbeat track ‘Blood Rich’ ends up looking for a fight after pretending to be all friendly and jazzy.

Which is nasty of it. But definitely not Stupid.