On A Night Like This

Kylie Minogue On A Night Like This Parlophone

Kylie Minogue

On A Night Like This [I](Parlophone)[/I]

Considering the sort of scams PRs have recently resorted to (romantic flings

with pop stars of a similar-or-higher celebrity, romantic spats with

boy/girlfriends of a similar-or-lower celebrity, getting salacious videos banned

from TV…), to what lengths are desperate record companies going to go to keep

their artists in the gossip columns and tabloid pages? ‘Billie Clones Self

In First-Of-Its-Kind Medical Breakthrough On Eve Of New Single’, perhaps?

‘[a]Robbie Williams[/a] Annexes Poland, Talks About Forthcoming Album’, maybe?

How about ‘Elvis Claims Faked Toilet Death Was A Desperate Cry For Help As

First Tour Dates In 25 Years Are Announced’?

‘On A Night Like This’ is

accompanied by a video which, according to tabloid reports, was banned in its

original form due to alleged flashes of full-frontal Minogue nudity, and

which is still causing controversy in its edited version thanks to a see-through

dress sported by Kylie. The song, incidentally, is Identikit club-pop.

Complete with Ibiza-U-like guitar motif, beats’n’synths by numbers, and

supposedly yearning lyrics and vocals, delivered with all the passion of a woman

reading the timetable at a bus stop, this record can best be described as


Stevie Chick