Primal Scream Accelerator Creation

Primal Scream

Accelerator [I](Creation)[/I]

So, it ends not with a whimper, but with a huge fuck-off bang… The last

ever release on Creation Records sounds nothing like the shoestring indie with

which McGee started his label, preferring inchoate white noise and jam-kicking

riffage, as Gillespie whispers faintly impractical (but no less exciting)

revolutionary tracts in the ears of a nation seduced by the Scream‘s

heroic, apocalyptic grooves.

There is, of course, no earthly excuse for not

owning the parent album, ‘Exterminator’, but this single is something of a

historical artefact, and certainly a better testament to the achievements of

McGee’s imprint than the sorry Oasis farrago that’s unravelling about us.

So, Creation Records – we salute thee! Dodgy farmers in Colombia and the hallowed

halls of indie rock will be equally the poorer for your absence.

Stevie Chick