He Wasn’t Man Enough

Toni Braxton He Wasn't Man Enough(LaFace)

Toni Braxton

He Wasn’t Man Enough[I](LaFace)[/I]

Braxton can probably claim the best set of tonsils in soul-pop, but this anodyne comeback single is no ‘Unbreak My Heart’. Over a snaking synth-funk bassline and pristine studio R&B backdrop, the honey-voiced munchkin fires up her patented lip-trembling technique which stretches each word into 500 completely nonsensical syllables of shrill roller-coaster wibbling about some no-good dog of a bloke who messed her around, got dumped and came back begging for forgiveness. But does she relent? Uh-uh. No way. You go, girlfriend. This is opera meets Oprah and was written, incidentally, by four blokes.

Stephen Dalton