Kylie Minogue : Please Stay

It's a breezy little number, much like Kylie herself...

It’s sometimes frustrating when bands release amazing albums but choose entirely wrong singles to come off them and, as a case in point, here we find Kylie crashing head-on into 1999 with a Latin-influenced disco tune off ‘Light Years’.

Not that ‘Please Stay’ is a complete dud – it’s a breezy little number, much like Kylie herself – but it seems the time has come to admit that the Sash!-esque title track from ‘Light Years’ may never be released as a single. Oh well. As it’s Christmas, ‘Please Stay’ also has an unoriginal but passable rendition of ‘Santa Baby’ on the b-side (which will at least get on a few compilation albums in the future) – plus, as we have come to expect, some ace remixes are bundled in there.

All this plus Robbie’s not on it, which will spare us the sight of him and Kylie grinding up against each other in a fairly unpleasant way. Hurrah!

Peter Robinson