A-Ha : Summer moved on

The greatest falsetto in the history of pop music EVER...

Pop groups, you’ll hardly believe it, used to invent themselves and didn’t sound like anyone else. [a]A-Ha[/a] were such a group and [a]A-Ha[/a] were A-CE, epic-pop troubadours from Foreign (in this case, Norway) starring supernaturally good-looking Morten ‘Horten Forten Snorten’ Harket with the greatest falsetto in the history of pop music EVER and his pals, er, P?l and Mags. Like a colossus in exquisitely frayed denim breeks they bestrode the planet in the late-’80s with their class-pop anthems ‘Take On Me’ (classic enough to be this year’s outright winner on [I]Stars In Their Eyes[/I] if there’s any justice, which there isn’t), ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ (brains at work and everything!), ‘Hunting High And Low’ etc and they were all BRILLIANT and [a]A-Ha[/a] sold 20 million albums to ‘prove’ it.

And now they’re back! Swoon! And they’re still REALLY GOOD, if not quite The Revolution. Demolition string-quaver quiver-pop-a-ruddy-kimbo as Morten trills [I]”staaaaay!!!” [/I]and a thousand moonbeams dart from black skies of nu-pop baloney on a clifftop everglade under a wind-machine in Rio like ‘NSync and all the rest of it never happened. Or, if you like, it’s a bit James Bond, ‘cos they did the James Bond theme tune once, they were [I]that [/I]good. Sigh.

Sylvia Patterson