Boredoms : Vision Creation Newsun

...we are happy to report that the first great album of 2001 sounds like Hawkwind...

Forging ahead into a bright new future for music, we are happy

to report that the first great album

of 2001 sounds like Hawkwind, contains one song and features hardly anything in the way of discernible song structure or lyrics. Simply, the latest album by this notoriously unlistenable Japanese noise outfit is one of the most extraordinary records you’ll hear all year.

Led by the whispers and shrieks of frontman Yamantaka Eye

and driven by the machine-like percussive skills of Yoshimi P-we, ‘Vision Creation Newsun’ is a throbbing, swirling psychedelic opus. Explosions, guitars, bangs, clattering metal noises, screeches, howls and whistles all crash together to make for a big old beautiful, blazing racket. This is

not just noise for noise’s sake

a criticism that’s often been laid

at Boredoms’ door.

From the fantastic cover art

of a young baby standing in a glorious blaze of sunshine, to

the LSD-crazed illustrations

within, ‘Vision Creation Newsun’

is a perfectly realised 21st century concept album, wrapped up

in an inspirational, acid-fried spirituality.

After more than ten years of making some of the most unlistenable records known to

man, the Boredoms have made their most accomplished and perfectly realised album to date. Immerse yourself in it.

Andy Capper