Orgy : Vapor Transmission

Amusingly, Los Angeles nu-metal types Orgy, look like Duran Duran after being chewed on by giant robots.

Amusingly, Los Angeles nu-metal types Orgy look like Duran Duran after being chewed on by giant robots. The problem is, as this hugely stupid sci-fi concept album grinds on towards the 30th century, they sound that way, too.

The pedigree is hard to argue with: signed to Jonathan ‘Korn’ Davis’ label, platinum-selling debut called ‘Candyass’ behind them, their own complicated (alright, downright unreadable) typeface available to download on the Internet… But if many of their contemporaries sound like metal bands with a fetish for the new romantics, Orgy are more like a new romantic band who’ve decided to make themselves more marketable and turned up the guitars. A bit.

Next to, say, Marilyn Manson, ‘Vapor Transmission’ is the work of a rather wussy and not terribly bright band. It’s a quaint vision of the future, all wipe-clean alienation and sexy androids, perpetuated by singer Jay Gordon. “My finger’s on the killswitch”, he whines ominously on ‘Fiction (Dreams

In Digital)’. Gary Numan has sounded tougher.

And the polymorphous perversity hinted at by that name? Cheesy synths, ham-fisted grind and Gordon’s histrionics suggest a band who still haven’t got over that first wank in front of [I]Blade Runner[/I]. Skip the Orgy; a night in with some cheap robot puppies from Argos and [I]Tron[/I] on the video would be more of a turn-on.

John Mulvey