Shaggy : Hot Shot

Boombastic man fails to capitalise on Number One

Who’d have thought we’d still be talking about, never mind listening to, Mr Boombastic at the beginning of the 21st century? Even way back in 1993 when comedy pop man Shaggy released ‘Oh Carolina’, he was destined to be a one-hit wonder who accidentally had more than one hit. And now he’s doing it all over again with ‘It Wasn’t Me’, another tongue-in-cheek tale about indiscretions on the sofa which has infiltrated the airwaves, shot to Number One and made Shaggy a contender again.

The thing is, one amusing hit doesn’t necessarily equal a decent album. ‘Hot Shot’, which has already sold over three million copies in America, is like the single but without all the funny, catchy singing (from Ricardo ‘RikRok’ Ducent). Obviously realising the monotony of his droning reggae-rap, Shaggy ropes in more guest artists like T-Lo (‘Lonely Lover’), Samantha Cole (‘Luv Me, Luv Me’) and even Michael Jackson (who’s best disco moment ‘Shake Your Body Down’ is sampled on ‘Dance & Shout’), but it never works quite as well. Instead, this is largely the sound of a man clawing desperately at the charts by diluting reggae with pop frothiness.

Please, Shaggy, let this be the last time.