Autechre : Splitrmx12

It's not [a]Travis[/a], is it?

Clearly Single Of The Week if this was a magazine dedicated to ultra-obscure, 500-only limited-edition icy-cold techno cover versions of complicated German bands from the 1970s. But it’s not, and so we can only marvel at the way [a]Autechre[/a] continue to release utterly impenetrable records for Japanese record collectors – as opposed to collectors of Japanese records.

Actually, this is probably the most accessible thing Ae, as they’re affectionately known in cyberspace, have ever done, though they’ve still managed to strip tracks by Neu! and Bic? of any emotion. ‘Autechre Play At Drowning In A Sea Of Indiependance. Original Composition By Bic?‘ is the name of one song. It’s not Travis, is it?

Piers Martin