David McAlmont : A Little Communication

Mature soul without the hip hop accoutrements from underrated troubadour McAlmont...

This album speaks of the love experience so well. Whether it’s the love of oneself, un-reciprocated love, problematic love or just plain perfect love, it’s different perspectives meet McAlmont’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous voice head on. This man can sing the blossom off spring trees.

What impresses, above all else, is how McAlmont marries inner exploration and external articulation. He will confess his furtive desires with great honesty and clarity on ‘Happy Hour’, reveal a spiritual and emotional dependancy on his partner, ‘Lose My Faith’, or simply beseech on ‘A Little Communication’. And he does all of this without betraying himself or over-simplifying his lyrics.

As a result, ‘A Little Communication’ comes across as a mature listen. But it’s more than just mature soul music for mature souls. It’s a gloriously moody, musically indulgent debut that will remind those who were around of a time before Ma$e rapped on everything; when love, not cheeba, was the drug and when it was okay to admit weakness without wanting to bust a cap in someone’s cipher.

For those who remember that time, McAlmont’s made THE album you need. For those who don’t recall such days, buy this to learn how to communicate via your soul without the need of hip hop sensibilities. But above all else, buy this album.

Jacqueline Springer