Tyde : Once

Felt-like excitement on LA Anglophiles' debut

There’s only one good type of American, and that’s one who wishes he wasn’t. Darren Rademaker and his band of merry janglephiles The Tyde may trot from LA but – lawks-a-mercy matron! – they want to be British so much they’d swap their all-year tans and sexy way with a motorbike to be two specific pasty buttocked Brits: Jim Reid from The Jesus And Mary Chain, and Lawrence from Felt.

Better than the more obvious choices of Chris Martin and Benny Hill sure, and ‘Once’, The Tyde’s debut album, is as faithful and brown-nosing a tribute to Denim and Felt as it could be without being by a band called Lycra. ‘Strangers Again’ and ‘Get Around Too’, particularly sound like they could’ve been written in a sixth-form common room in Sheffield in 1988. The genetic lure of the slide guitar eventually conquers – but ‘Once’ still shines through as a slice of good old, no-arsed, underachieving, crap-in-a-fight British indie brilliance that you’d expect from the Official Home Of Morrissey.

Mark Beaumont