Rammstein : Mutter

German metal bondage boys

Once every generation, a German band achieves worldwide success. In 2001, Rammstein are the chosen ones. Raiding a musical inheritance of Richard Wagner and Kraftwerk, Rammstein force both to march to the industrial grinding of Metallica, Ministry and Depeche Mode for the definitive German, chest-beating metal-symphony album. Playing [I]exactly[/I] the same Teutonic Superman guitar riff throughout. Yes, it’s Nietzsche Rock!

Mocking Germany’s slim shady reputation is a bit last century, but ‘Mutter’ practically begs to appear in [I]Fawlty Towers[/I]. It seems that while techno-loving Berlin is dragging us into the future, Rammstein aim to be the musical equivalent of bratwurst.

Rocking like half a dozen Prussian Lemmys, on their third album Rammstein sadly follow a road dictated by autocratic efficiency. Which makes it all the more hilarious when they scream “Bang! bang!” on fire-alarm anthem ‘Feuer Frei!’ (‘Open Fire!’), attempt whispering on ‘Spieluhr’ (‘Musical Box’) and generally sound like an Ozzfest-friendly Queen. We can laugh, but operatic boot stompers ‘Links 2 3 4’ and ‘Zwitter’ will probably see Rammstein conquer – sorry, win over – the world. Which means that, even if he can’t understand the lyrics, Fred Durst will be sending them a rock feud in the post. Naturally, they’ll reply.

Andre Paine