Radiohead : Pyramid Song

This is our favourite Radiohead single in recent memory...

An amazing single that should feel as stunned as we do at not earning Single Of The Week status. Malevolent, moving, epic, this is our favourite Radiohead single in recent memory and a good appetiser for their excellent ‘Amnesiac’ album. It has spooky piano chords. It has Thom Yorke singing beautifully about jumping into a river and swimming with black-eyed angels. It has strings that make you feel like you’re being sucked into a vortex… Ach, it’s no good. We’re going to have to invoke our secret Single Of The Week Three clause. It’s neck and neck (and neck) between Radiohead, Sunshine Anderson and Squarepusher. We can’t split them. So even though it looks like we have, between us they’re all Single Of The Week. Shhhh.

Ted Kessler