Never mind the face on the cover, these days what matters is who's twiddling the knobs....

Never mind the face on the cover, these days what matters is who’s twiddling the knobs. Since [a]Madonna[/a] teamed up with [a]William Orbit[/a] for ‘Ray Of Light’ and became cool again the good old repetitive beat has become a foolproof credibility booster.

New Yorker Lida Husik is hardly in need of that, after a low-key eight-year career with hip New York indie label Shimmy Disc and a range of schizophrenic pop albums which – like [a]Madonna[/a] – each sound like the work of a different woman.

None has brought mainstream success though, so Lida‘s brought in her very own Orbit figure, Bjvrk producer Beaumont Hannant and his, erm, original solution to slap slightly skewed, perfectly polished dance beats everywhere. Unfortunately, that means ‘Faith In Space’ is nothing more than a sterile, third-rate attempt to recreate ‘Ray Of Light’, where the fidgeting upbeat tracks lack any discernible tune (see ‘Ice It’; everything else) and the stodgy, ambient-afflicted numbers (avoid ‘New Miss NYC’; ‘Waterfall’) resemble an ill-fated combination of The Orb and Steps.

So though Lida‘s cover of Paul Weller‘s ‘Monday’ is worth a laugh, the rest is notable only for the headache it gives you.