Lostprophets : The Fake Sound Of Progress

Weirdly impressive...

A cruelly apt title, this, since these immaculately-groomed show ponies of

British nu-metal sound rather like hairy old [a]Faith No More[/a] after a

particularly heavy night of macho turmoil and turd-polishing. What’s more,

it’s hard to greet the new dawn when a band choose suspiciously faithful

covers of [a]INXS[/a] and Duran Duran songs as B-sides.

Still, ‘The Fake Sound Of Progress’, veterans of the NME tour may recall, is the one where all of [a]Lostprophets[/a]’ spasms, contortions and fancy futuristic

effects come in closest contact to a tune. Weirdly impressive; but after

being bludgeoned over the head with a very shiny stick to an irregular time

signature, anyone’s likely to see stars.

John Mulvey