Brandy : Full Moon

Very long album from Ex-'Moesha' diva...

At the ripe old age of 23, there’s little Brandy Norwood hasn’t achieved.

But nine years into her career as sugary teen diva (she was signed at 14),

the photogenic warbler from McComb, Mississippi, appears to be experiencing

a premature mid-life crisis.

In the four years since her last album, ‘Never Say Never’, the face

of modern urban pop has been radically altered, though their innovative work seems to have

gone largely unheard in the thinktank which engineered this velvet-lined

bucket of slush.

Only production colossus Rodney Jerkins emerges with crediblity barely

Intact. His chief contribution, the single ‘What About Us?’, is a slippery,

twitching slab of computer funk that thrusts Brandy, fleetingly, into the

21st century. Elsewhere, Brandy is on fine form throughout, purring pillow talk and

murmuring sweet nothings to anyone insane enough to listen. Now she loves

him, now she doesn’t. Really, it’s too much.

Piers Martin

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