Mars Volta : Tremulant EP

Our single of the week sees ex-At the Drive In star Cedric and Omar on top form...

Given their brilliant hairstyles, it’s a pity that At The Drive In had to eventually have something so sensible as a parting. One slightly annoying split down the middle later we find two separate factions: on the one hand, Sparta (sensible haircuts, pretty steady hardcore rock), and on the other The Mars Volta, comprising vocalist Cedric Bixler and guitarist Omar Rodriguez, with big mad haircuts and pretty big and mad rock, too.

‘The Tremulant EP’ is a frequently brilliant record, albeit one with some fittingly hairy progressive tendencies. First track ‘Cut That City’ is undoubtedly the best – a huge swirling and very loud guitar effort, and it’s good to see that though it’s members have fallen far and fast, they still don’t fail to rock very hard.

John Robinson