Pet Shop Boys : Release

Pop legends fail to deliver. Very disappointing...

To the casual observer, the Pet Shop Boys‘ career has been

in decline since 1993’s ‘Very’, but to fans it’s been business

as usual. Defending ‘Release’ will be less easy. It’s their

worst album to date.

Amid this ten-track jamboree of ill-advised guitar solos,

excitement-free lyricism and sparse tuneage, there are

standout songs. ‘I Get Along’ is a fuck-you anthem to a

cheating ex in the public eye, done in the style of Oasis.

‘The Night I Fell In Love’ is a touching fan fiction involving
Eminem and a schoolboy groupie, and ‘Home’ recalls the

synth-rich, ‘I Want A Dog’-esque flourish that carried the
Pet Shop Boys through seven albums.

Elsewhere, things fall apart. ‘Email’ finds Neil and

Chris getting to grips with new fangled technology,

while ‘Love Is A Catastrophe’ is a botched attempt to

emulate the spacious urban chill of ‘Last Night I Dreamt That

Somebody Loved Me’.

They’re still the best band of the 20th Century, but it’s

2002 and the only band allowed to sound like a substandard
Oasis are Oasis.

Peter Robinson