Girls Against Boys : You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See

Suave DC rockers return...

They’re cool, they’re good looking, and they’re Americans who play the

guitar very well indeed. And all right, yes, they’re called The Strokes. But

in 1993, these accolades belonged to Washington DC band Girls Against Boys,

who wrote songs with the subject matter of Isaac Hayes, which they sang in

the voice of Sean Connery. As they told us again and again, they were

All quite an achievement then, and they re-emerge now from the glacier-like

progress of major label entanglements remarkably well-preserved. ‘BFF’ and

‘Basstation’ rekindle their once enviable slouching urbanity, while ‘300

Looks For Summer’… well, it’s a good title, anyway. What’s most promising

is that GVSB‘s often melodic noise now, thanks to emo, exists less in weird isolation than it did, and the band seem to be headed dangerously close to getting what they deserve. If this means they must intermittently sound like Feeder, so be it.

John Robinson

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