Spears, Britney : Boys

Britney's best single for ages

Most bands think they’re doing well if they can rustle up four hits a year. Slackers! The Neptunes fling out smashes on what now seems like a weekly basis. Having added immeasurably to the gaiety of the pop nation withNelly

’s ‘Hot In Herre’, Beyoncé’s ‘Work It Out’ and (as N*E*R*D) their own ‘Rock Star’, the super-songwriters and producers continue their hot streak by giving Britney

a re-rub.

Wittily named the ‘Co-Ed Remix’, ‘Boys’ takes La – Spears‘ Janet Jackson-esque album track, slows it down and adds vocals by the Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams, turning it into a decidedly lubricious duet. She sings about boys, he sings about girls. A simple concept, but an effective one, resulting in Britney ’s best single for ages.

Alex Needham