Kula Shaker : Kollected: The Best Of

... It's shit. But what did you honestly expect?...

One of them had a beard and scary eyes; another was millionaire dipshit Crispian Mills, a man whose talent for the sensible soundbite makes Liam Gallagher sound like Oscar Wilde. They were Kula Shaker – ridiculous like Toploader with a sitar – and to prove that it was more than a nightmare here’s the greatest hits, no doubt timed to tie in with Christmas in whichever universe Mills currently dwells.

The songs have dated so badly that a compilation which would have been difficult to justify at the tail end of Kula Shaker‘s mundane chart career crosses over into total irrelevance in 2003. ‘Mystical Machine Gun’, ‘Govinda’, ‘Shower Your Love’: they’re all here, like a local theatre group’s attempt at ‘Lord Of The Rings: The Musical’. With Geri Halliwell as Frodo. And like all pompous attempts to make important music, Kula Shaker‘s back catalogue means precisely nothing.

Peter Robinson

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