Pet Shop Boys : Disco 3

The duo's best album in ten years...

Given that this is a collection of remixes and obscurities tossed off since ‘Release’ set charts alight precisely nowhere, it would be a slightly rum do if this turned out to be the Pet Shop Boys‘ best album in ten years. But that’s precisely what it is.

If ‘Release’ was guitars ‘n’ woolly jumpers, ‘Disco 3’ is about getting back to core values of warm synth manoeuvres and frequent, overriding lyrical gloom, typified by the Boys‘ remake of disco blockbuster ‘Try It (I’m In Love With A Married Man)’. ‘Here’ is a housed-up reminder of the duo’s best-ever moments and mixes come courtesy of Felix Da Housecat and Tom Stephan, but it’s difficult to accuse Neil and Chris of jumping on the electro bandwagon when they put the wheels on the bloody thing in the first place.

Peter Robinson