Mull Historical Society : Us

Indie all-rounder enters new sparkle-pop stratosphere

There should be plenty of reasons not to get excited about Mull Historical Society. The amps are way below eleven, Colin McIntyre’s vocals don’t compromise health and safety and the record sleeve doesn’t have a single vomit stain on it. Jesus, has this man even received his copy of the new-rock rulebook?

If he has then he’s too busy perfecting his planet-surfing melodies to take a peak. ‘Am I Wrong’ sounds like ‘Unchained Melody’ joyriding a sugar-coated piano around a big dipper. Only in another fucking galaxy. And the title track is Spiritualized‘s ‘Don’t Just Do Something’ if Jason Pierce sold his smack for smarties.

A joyous slice of orchestral prozac – ‘Us’ should ideally only be performed by dozens of happy-clappy loons wearing white robes. But come on, how impractical would that be?

Tim Jonze