Liars : There’s Always Room On The Broom

Witch-rock, anyone?

If Performance are the sound of someone storming drunk into a discotheque and showing off, then Liars are the sound of someone drinking alone in their bedroom, frowningly arseing around with a malfunctioning PC, WISHING they were showing off in a discotheque. You can’t dance to this, you can’t shag to this, you CERTAINLY can’t relax to this, but by God, it’s fantastic – a gut-churning bass riff that sounds like the dissatisfied grumblings of some giant malevolent grandpa with no basic vocabulary, and a shrill vocal pitched somewhere between [I]‘am currently being force-buggered’[/I] and [I]‘am still being force-buggered, but this time by a rhino’[/I] in its levels of pained hysteria. It is to be suspected that the title has something to do with sex, also ([I]It’s about witchcraft, Cashmore, you foul-minded oaf – Ed[/I]).

Pete Cashmore