Basement Jaxx : Plug It In

...a mighty record: brash, audacious, heroically over-excited...

The dance music crash of 2003 seemed to screw up the commercial prospects of [a]Basement Jaxx[/a]’s fantastic ‘Kish Kash’ album, even though it was far too chaotic and barmy to be so reductively categorised. Nevertheless, they continue to release dazzling singles from it, of which ‘Plug It In’ is the third. Glibly, ‘Plug It In’ sounds like a selection of great Jaxx tracks – from ‘Rendez-Vu’ to ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ – played simultaneously, with JC Chasez (Justin Timberlake’s old sparring partner in ‘NSync) lisping dangerously over the top. In most hands, this would result in a shambles. But [a]Basement Jaxx[/a] have a knack of orchestrating wreckage like few other producers, and this is a mighty record: brash, audacious, heroically over-excited.

John Mulvey

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